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Stylish & kid friendly decor ideas

Whilst it’s true that when you have a child your life changes, I believe your style and decor don’t always have to. Since turning one my son is now a bonified energiser bunny – crawling, climbing, falling over and generally getting into anything possible, making some spaces in my home an accident waiting to happen.

I have realised that in order to work with the constant changes in his development I need to create spaces for him that are practical and fun and that I can do this without sacrificing on style.

Here are some kid friendly decor and furniture ideas I thought I’d share that the whole family will love.

Seating – I have recently noticed that my son is no longer interested in sitting in a highchair. He does everything he possibly can to try and wriggle out of it and has proved quite the Houdini on many occasions. I have found that he now prefers to eat at a little table that is closer to his height.

Because of the lack of space in my home we don’t really have room for a table and chair set but I have combated this by introducing a little chair he can sit at the coffee table with.

This replica Eames chair from Officeworks is great as it’s practical for him to use and suits the mid century modern interior of my home.


A favourite past time of my sons is to climb anything he can. Whilst I’m proud of his new skill it hasn’t been without accident! I have decided that I although I can’t stop him from climbing I can soften the fall by using floor cushions and bean bags.

I love the amazing range from agnes avenue. Their selection of bean bags and floor cushions are awesome as they come in different sizes to cater to children of all ages and the stylish fabric means they appeal to adults as well. I’m loving the choice of colours and patterns as they’re versatile and look beautiful in a lounge space or bedroom and just what us mums want to hear – they’re easy to clean.

FullSizeRender[2].jpg    FullSizeRender[1].jpg


I also have a huge crush on the Mini Mod Chair by Homeday. These funky seats are a perfect choice for the lounge or to create a cozy reading nook as they’re super stylish, easily moved and designed to withstand everything a child can throw at them……well except poo, maybe not that 🙂

FullSizeRender.jpg    FullSizeRender[5].jpg

Images via Instagram: @homeday_

Tables – Another trait my son has picked up that I am less stoked about is drawing on the table; however I’ve found the perfect solution to this in the form of a chalkboard table by Mark Tuckey. This genius design is both practical to use as a coffee table and has the added bonus of being a chalk board.

Not only is it a great idea because it means kids can draw to their hearts’ content without getting marker or crayon everywhere but circular tables are also brilliant pieces of furniture for little ones learning to walk. They can walk around and crawl under them without the worry of banging their head on  a hard edge.


Image via Instagram: @mark_tuckey

Shelving – Since my sons most recent birthday we seem to have an abundance of books but unfortunately not enough places to house them. I have thought about getting a shelf for Gus’s room to store his new library but have realised that there’s a good chance he will get his explorer on and climb it!

Solution –  book shelves and book racks that are affixed to the wall. Because I love supporting local businesses I thought i’d feature the beautiful work from The Timba Trend.

This clever husband and wife duo make handmade wooden products specifically for kids that are versatile so they can be used anywhere in the home.

The images featured below show they’re ideal for storing books and or toys as they can be mounted at a height that kids can reach for when they want to get to something themselves and they’re ideal storage for grown ups as they make a cool addition to any space and can be installed at a height to keep prying hands away.

FullSizeRender[6].jpg    FullSizeRender[7].jpg

 Images via Instagram: @thetimbatrend

It can be a hard balance retaining your style with kids but it doesn’t need to be impossible. Next time you make a purchase for your home consider how it will be used by both you and your little ones and it might make the decision that little bit easier.

I know that my home is going to be an evolving space as my son grows and that I will need to be flexible or potentially buy him a stack hat! Furniture may get trashed and things will inevitably get broken but I take peace in knowing that there are so many amazing people out there making incredible products that I’ll never be short of ideas and if I do my job right neither will you! 🙂

IMAGES & BRAND CREDITS: @agnesavenue, @homeday_, @mark_tuckey, @thetimbatrend VIA INSTAGRAM &Officeworks.


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