How knowing your ‘why’ can help you discover your style - Michelle Canny
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How knowing your ‘why’ can help you discover your style

Knowing your style can be one of the hardest interior challenges out there. With so many online influences on social media it can be downright confusing trying to decide what your ‘actual’ style is and not someone else’s. I have been thinking a lot about the concept of knowing your ‘why’ and the importance this plays when deciding on your style.

Many people ask me, “how do I know what my style is?”  Often people are drawn to a lot of different influences but not one specific style and so they get confused and think, ‘I must not have a set style’ – (don’t panic if this is you 😉) In my opinion the reason someone likes a particular style is less to do with it being a trend and more because it makes them feel a certain way.

When you think about why you like something or why you have it in your home, it’s often because it creates a feeling or evokes a memory for you. Maybe you’re drawn to the colour blue because it reminds you of the ocean which you find relaxing or you love the feel of wool because it brings back memories of being curled up with your favourite blanket on a cold winter’s day.

Image by Minted via Pinterest

Image by via Pinterest

These factors are so important when creating a space that speaks to you because your style should always be a representation of who you are and the things you love.

Here are some top tips for helping you understand why something speaks to you and using this to inform your interior style.

Image by via Pinterest

  • Start by creating a Pinterest board and save any interior images that you are drawn to – it can be colours, patterns, furniture styles, anything that inspires you.


  • Look at the different images you have saved and write down any words that come to mind when you look at these images – relaxed, edgy, contemporary, etc.


  • You will probably start to see a common theme of repeated styles you have saved. Write down how you feel when you look at these styles and why you like them.


  • When you have decided on your chosen styles/s (there can be more than one) think about how this would work in your home – would it be practical for the space, would it stand the test of time or is it currently in fashion?


When deciding on your interior style, don’t forget to think about the whole package. What accessories could you introduce that reflect your personality, are their certain colour palettes you love, how will the space be used and what items are appropriate? At the end of the day your style should be a reflection of you and your home should be a place that makes you feel comfortable.

Image by via Pinterest

Don’t get caught up in the trends or other people’s looks otherwise you will never feel truly happy within your space.  Trust your instincts and have fun, decorating isn’t meant to be a stressful process, consider it a way to express yourself and an extension of your personality.

Image & brand credits: Minted,,, and Pinterest.

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