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Are you one of those people who spends hours poring through interior magazines or Pinterest for home decorating ideas, but when you try your hand at decorating yourself, it turns into a red hot mess??

I hear you and don’t worry it’s a common problem many people face. It’s so easy to look in magazines and think you have to go out and buy the latest on trend pieces to get the look you want, but I’m here to tell you to put that credit card away and reuse what you already have.

Here are some quick and easy ways you can give your home a mini revamp through interior styling.

Create a vignette

A great way to add interest to a room is to create a vignette. Don’t be scared by the fancy word, essentially all it means is to group together a series of objects in a way that’s pleasing on the eye.

The way to do this it to group together an odd number of objects such as vases, plants or ornaments and display them on a shelf, cabinet or table top.

By grouping items that have various heights, widths and colours, you will create an instant visual impact in the space.

Remember to let your items tell a story, include items you have collected on your travels or personal mementos, these are a great way to showcase some of your personality and the things you love.

Plant cuttings in a glass bottle

Image by simpledetailsblog via Pinterest

Styled book shelf

Image on right by via Pinterest

Change up your furniture arrangement

I know this isn’t always an easy option depending on the size and configuration of a room, but changing the location of a piece of furniture can do wonders for a space and open you up to a whole new way of living.

Another idea is to remove items of furniture that aren’t needed. It is so easy to fill a space with as much as you can because you have the idea that a lounge room (for example) needs couches and chairs and a coffee table and a TV unit….the list could go on!!

Sometimes all a room needs to refresh it, is to eliminate furniture that isn’t completely necessary and enjoy the extra space this creates.

Image by Via Pinterest

Personalise your space

I know many people tend to hang hats and scarves and old bags away from sight but why not have them on display.

If you’re someone who has a selection of these items, why not showcase them in your entry way or a bedroom, they’re a perfect way to add colour and texture to a room without having to spend a penny.

Image by via Pinterest

Create your own art gallery 

If you’re like me, every time you go overseas you come home with some form of artwork (I can see my husband rolling his eyes as we speak!)

You spend all this time carefully carting it back from some far flung part of the world only for it to sit in a cupboard as soon as you get home….sound familiar?

Rather than going out and spending a fortune on new artwork, why not get some cheap frames from Target or IKEA and create a gallery wall on an empty bit of wall space.

If you are someone who already has a lot of existing artwork, mix things up and try hanging them in different parts of the house.

Not only will it give a new lease of life to a space that previously may not have had any love but it will give you a new found appreciation for that piece when you’re seeing it in a different light.

Feature wall with picture gallery and hats

Image by via Pinterest

Get cutting 

Every man and his dog knows that plants are on trend but they aren’t always the cheapest things to go out and buy.

If you’re wanting to inject some greenery into your home but don’t have the budget to hit up a nursery, grab a pair of scissors and head for a walk around your local neighbourhood to get some plant cuttings.

The great thing is cuttings not only look great in vases or different vessels, but overtime they will begin to grow roots which means you can plant them in a pot or garden bed and hey presto you will have your own plants without having to open your wallet.

Image by via Pinterest

Styling shouldn’t be a stressful process. Don’t get too bogged down with trying to make your home look like a magazine cover, because the reality is this isn’t how we live.

If you find the process overwhelming, leave the room and revisit it. Time away can often give us a different perspective and like many things, a home is a labour of love, it won’t necessarily look perfect straight away but overtime it will come together to become a space you love.


Image and Brand credits:,;,,,, Target, IKEA and Pinterest.

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