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Top 5 essential oils for creating mood in your home

A lot of people believe that interior design is easy. Isn’t it just where your furniture goes? (is a question I get asked a lot) or is it about the colours I paint my walls? Yes, colour and spatial layout play a part in designing a space, but there is one major question that many people forget to ask themselves, how do I want the space to feel?

A space has the ability to evoke an immediate response whether its feeling relaxed when we enter a room that is airy and light to feeling overwhelmed, which is how I feel when I walk into a room that has bright colours on every wall. But there is another major sense that affects the way we feel which is often forgotten about….smell. (Think about why toilet sprays are so popular!)

So to expand on this topic I thought I’d write a post about scents you can use to evoke a mood in a room and how to achieve this using essential oils.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with essential oils they’re defined as the, “naturally occurring volatile aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. –  Doterra.” 

In simple terms they are what give plants their characteristic smells, but they can also be used to assist with physical and emotional wellness.

Here’s a list of the top 5 essential oils you can use in your home for everything from feeling energized to setting the mood for some romance.

Relaxed and calm

As many of us live increasingly busy lives it can be hard to find time to switch off. Sometimes especially for those of us with kids, unwinding isn’t the easiest thing to do. Some days can feel like a bomb has gone off in the house! There’s mess everywhere, the washing’s piled up from the last week and dirty dishes threaten to take over the entire bench….relaxation is the furthest thought from our minds!

A great scent to combat feelings of stress and allow you to feel like you’re beginning to wind down (even if you’re trying to do a million things at once) is lavender. It won’t do the dishes for you but this beautiful aromatic smell is great for feelings of overwhelm and helping you feel balanced.

To create a feeling of calmness and  turn your lounge room from a devastating mess to a place of tranquility (picture palm trees people!) try sprinkling some lavender oil onto a cushion or throw, defusing it into the air or simply rubbing a drop or 2 into your temples.

Create the mood

Relaxed and Calm.jpg

Image by Michelle Canny, featuring Doterra Lavender Oil

Getting focused

Working from home is becoming increasingly popular. For many people this can mean working from a home office or from the comfort of your couch; for me it involves the kitchen table as I don’t have a separate room for an office, but because of this I find it hard to concentrate.

Being a working mum and I know I’m not the only one who finds it hard to get focused. I’m often distracted by the background noise of the TV, the washing machine, the dishwasher or my son’s tantrums, which can make it difficult when I’m trying to get into work mode.

A few essential oils that are great for boosting concentration and assisting with fatigue (which is a total bonus for mums!) are peppermint and wild orange. By putting a few drops on the back of your neck, bottoms of your feet or even adding some drops onto a tissue and breathing in the smell you will feel an instant pick me up and instead of a sugar binge these oils can also make for an amazing tasting desert! (I know desert always helps me work better 🙂

Create the mood


getting focused.jpg

Image by Michelle Canny, featuring Doterra Wild Orange & Peppermint Oil

Energetic and happy

When it comes to cleaning the house, I sometimes have the motivation of a slug! I find it the most laborious of tasks; alas I know it has to be done. But surprisingly there are scents out there that can actually help uplift your mood and give you energy, making housework that little bit easier.

Have you ever smelt something citrus and felt instantly uplifted or energized? Lemon is an amazing essential oil to use for household cleaning, especially in kitchens or on floors as its antibacterial properties make it perfect for getting rid of germs, it’s safe to use around kids and animals and the added bonus is the aroma you get afterwards actually boosts the endorphin’s in your brain – who knew cleaning could make your happy??

 Create the mood

Energetic & Happy.jpg

Image by Michelle Canny, featuring Doterra Lemon Oil

Romantic and loving

I’ll be honest as  a parent of a toddler,  the idea of romance is one of the furthest thoughts from  my mind especially when both my husband and I have only had 3 hours of sleep! But it’s amazing what particular scents can evoke to get the libido going.

A perfect essential oil for creating passion in the bedroom is Ylang Ylang. Aside from creating the right  mood with soft lighting and music, try adding a few drops of Ylang Ylang oil into a glass bottle with some water and spray it onto a set of your softest bed sheets or diffuse some into the air –the powerful aroma will mean your partner won’t be able to resist you and who knows this could the beginning of reigniting the passion that may have fizzed out after having kids!

Create the mood

romantic and loving.jpg

Image by Michelle Canny, featuring Doterra Ylang Ylang  Oil

Although essential oils are amazing for enhancing or creating a mood, they can also be used for a wealth of other things to improve and assist with general health and well being.

Due to their non toxic nature they are easy to incorporate into all aspects of life from cleaning, to cooking, to beauty products and these organic beauties are also perfect to use on the most important people of all, your kids.

If you’d like more information on essential oils and how you can integrate them into your life visit Arianna Pienaar – essential oils guru and health coach extraordinaire.



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