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So you have just moved into a rental property? Maybe you’re a seasoned renter and are saving for something to call your own, maybe you’re building or renovating your home and need a place to stay for a period of time or maybe you own a property and have decided to rent it out.

What ever your situation, renting is something most of us will experience at least once in our lives. It can be frustrating living in a space that you can’t make permanent changes to, especially if you’re used to living in your own home, as a rental never fully feels like ‘your’ home.

Unfortunately it’s inevitable that most rentals will come with some wear and tear which you may have to live with, but hold off on calling it a day and living with scratched floor boards, ugly marks on the walls and crappy curtains because these can all be fixed….how you say, I’ll tell you!

Here are some simple ways you can inject your own style and taste in your home and best of all I’ll show you how you can achieve it for under $300!!

Rugs are your best friend

Ain’t this the truth. I have recently moved out of my own home and into a rental and the floors in the place are far from the best. Whilst they’re not damaged they’ve definitely seen their fair share of wear which can happen to any type of flooring.

To detract from this I have used rugs to not only hide the many scratch marks but also define each space. Whether you have a small or large space, rugs are the perfect addition to frame your furniture and of course they’re practical.

As my current living area is larger than I had previously had I haven’t thrown out my old rug because it looks too small. I have purchased a larger neutral rug to sit underneath it. Not only does it frame the room nicely, it creates texture which always adds interest to a space.

Image of textured rug


My new home also has a small entry way that isn’t large enough for a floor runner. To accommodate the layout and create some interest in this small space I have used a round floor rug which is a great alternative for entries that aren’t a long rectangular shape.Image of round textured jute rug


You don’t have to live with ugly windows

Whilst it’s not always possible to change window coverings in a rental, especially if you have any form of venetian blinds, you can dress up windows that have curtains or a curtain rod available.

There are many inexpensive curtains on the market that can completely transform a room. If you live in a space that feels more like a cave, why not consider sheer or linen fabric curtains or pull down blinds.

Not only will this allow you to let more light in during the day but you can still have privacy. Or if you want to keep the light out, for example in rooms such as a bedroom the blackout version of these options will work a treat.

Image of soft white sheer blinds


Embrace the side table

It seems so simple but I love a good side table. They’re practical, can be inexpensive and have multiple uses.

A common use for side tables is to have them next to a couch, where you may have a lamp and books or as somewhere to put your coffee cup, but they are also great for filling empty corner spaces.

I am not one for filling a space for the sake of it, but when it comes to my new home there are a lot of empty corners in what are large rooms that make the space look empty. To fix this I have placed different side tables around, some to house my many plants and others to showcase decorative items.

Timber side table


Create the perfect ‘Shelfie’

I know it’s a bit of a wanky term, but how many images do you see of styled shelves these days?? (maybe that’s just my Instagram feed 😂)

The styled shelf has taken off and I’ll admit it’s a great way to showcase your favourite items be it pictures, vases, plants, candles – the list goes on.

The reason why I love a good shelf, whether it be built in, a mantel piece or a standalone book shelf is that they allow you to showcase your personality by displaying what you love.

They can be changed up as often as you like and the bonus part, they can be pretty inexpensive.

Some inspirational ideas for a good ‘shelfie’ –

Timber photo frame   Image of aloe vera plant Image of glass vase


Go green

I know I bang on about this all the time, but plants are the best thing since sliced bread. Not only do they aid in promoting health, they look amazing and are the perfect way to bring the outdoors inside, which is especially convenient if you happen to be renting a space that has very little or no outdoor space.

Some of my favourites indoor plants both real and fake are:

Plant 1 – Philodendron, Plant 2. Faux Fiddle Leaf

Plant 1 – BUNNINGS

 Plant 2 – ADAIRS


Whilst there are many ways to decorate a space, it is not always the easiest to know what goes together or how to create a specific look and feel.

For more information on these images and how to use them in your home or for more product suggestions to get the look that matches your style, hit reply to this blog. I’d love to hear how you think these pieces might work in your home.


Image and brand credits: IKEA, KMART, FREEDOM, TARGET, BUNNINGS and ADAIRS

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