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Any type of renovation can be stressful but one that seems to add conflict to any marriage is a bathroom renovation.

It’s no secret that bathroom renovations can be expensive but they can also make a space more liveable and practical and have the ability to add value to your property when it comes time to sell.

So where to start??  Here are 5 key steps to planning a bathroom renovation designed to  save you time, money and stress.

Step 1: Design the layout

When starting on any renovation project always think of the layout and what is important to you. For example, do you want to create a space that is minimal and maintenance free or do you want a space that maximises storage and is functional?

Once you know this consider what you would like to include – double vanity, free standing bath, open shower etc.

Once you have an idea of what you would like to include do a sketch up drawing of the space to see what potential layout will work and whether the items you want to include are going to fit in the space.

Top Tip – if your current layout is functional and you’re on a tight budget, keep the layout as is and just do a cosmetic update as moving the plumbing will incur additional costs.

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Step 2: Consider your style 

Bathrooms are no longer just a place for showering and bathing, for many they are a space to relax and unwind, so it’s no surprise that the style of the bathroom will impact this.

Consider how you want the space to feel and the interior style your drawn to. For example – coastal, vintage, industrial.

From here collate a series of images such as vanities, tap wear, tiles, colours that showcase your style. You can do this using magazines or another super useful tool if you’re already using it is Pinterest.

Once you have your images look to see if there is a common thread as this will often guide you to your interior style and assist with product choices.

Top Tip:  If your budget doesn’t allow for a complete make over consider updating the space by painting your tiles with a fresh neutral colour, replacing the fittings and fixtures with something more modern or adding some new accessories such as a new vanity.

Image by via Pinterest

Image by via Pinterest

Step 3: Decide on your budget

One of the hardest parts of any project is deciding on a budget and it can sometimes become a battle between the head versus the heart. 

It may sound simple, but proper budgeting is of the most crucial parts to any project and something that so many people get wrong.

Before commencing any type of renovation, have an idea of what you are wanting to spend and keep in mind that things can go wrong. It helps to have a contingency plan and set aside an additional 10% of the budget to deal with any unforeseen issues.

Top Tip: Once you have your budget decided on list all the things you need to allow for and track your spend. Allow for items such as plumbing, electrical, gyprocking, waterproofing, tiling, painting and materials.

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Step 4: Choose your ties, fittings and fixtures

This is probably my favourite step, choosing the materials that are going to create your dream bathroom.

Firstly, think about what you want to draw attention to, is it a feature tile, custom vanity or maybe a bath placed under a window?  When making these decisions, always consider the size and layout of the room as there’s no point choosing a specific tile, for example if it’s not going to fit.

Revisit your Pinterest or mood board to keep you on track with the style of the bathroom you want to create, colour palettes, flooring and fixtures and remember to shop around! 

Top Tip: There are many companies out there that specialise in bathroom accessories and materials so don’t just settle for the first place you see. If you find something you love and it’s on the expensive side, shop around as you will often find the same item at another store or online that will be a fraction of the cost.

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Step 5: Organisation is key 

Whether it’s a full bathroom make over or just a spruce up it pays to be organised which means the difference between a well thought out and executed design to a complete dogs breakfast!

Before starting any project, always keep in mind your timescales as some trades can be harder to book than others, allow for delivery time of stock as there are often lead times and don’t rush the process as this will result in an end product your not happy with – and no-one wants to feel like that!

Top Tip: It might sound nerdy but when it comes to planning, the best way I find is to decide when you want a project to be finished and work backwards from there.

In the case of a bathroom renovation, think about when you would like to have it completed and map out on a calendar when you need to have certain steps done by. For example: booking in trades and ordering materials (as well as all the other steps I’ve listed) and allow some buffer room.

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If you would like to know more about how to create your own dream bathroom, click here to book in for a 30 minute obligation free chat.

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