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I recently had the pleasure of teaming up with the lovely Jess from The Storekeeper and Co to shoot a video dedicated to showing people how to create and style their very own Christmas table setting.

To make it easy for everyone I have written a step by step blog post of how I created my look and easy tips and tricks that you can use to create your very own table setting without fuss or stress!

Decide on a theme

First things first before you start anything, decide on a theme that you would like for your table setting and choose decorative pieces, cutlery, crockery and glassware that suites this style.

Decide on the type of look and feel you would like the setting to have for example modern, vintage, glamorous etc.

I have chosen to go with a native Australian/vintage theme as it’s the country I live in and what resonates with me personally.

Native Australian themed moodboard

Choose a colour palette

Once you have chosen a style be sure to stick to a colour palette that compliments each other or is within the same tonal range, but avoid using more than 3 or 4 colours (including neutrals) as this will make the table look busy.

I have chosen to go with the colour palette of grey/white, blue, green and gold.

Begin with the base layer

I start with the base layer of the table which is the table cloth. I have chosen to use a linen tablecloth in the colour natural.


stylist laying out linen table cloth on table

Linen Table Cloth in Natural from The Storekeeper and Co


The next step is to choose an area of the table that you’re going to use for your centrepiece and make the space for this, so you know how much room you have for the other items on the table.

I have chosen to put my centrepiece in the middle of the table so to create space I have used a white linen table runner in the centre so I can work on the placement of the plates, cutlery and glasses.

Layer the table with crockery, cutlery and glassware

Now it’s time to layer the table with the dinner plates, side plates, napkins, cutlery and glassware.

To fit in with my chosen theme and colour palette I have used blue ceramic dinner plates. I have then layered the inside of these with beautiful timber side plates and linen napkins and dressed these with a simple brass Christmas decoration and sprig of eucalyptus.

stylist layering dinner plates

Large Ceramic Dinner Plates from Target

Hand Carved Small Teak Plates from The Storekeeper and Co

Striped Linen Napkin with decorative brass star

stylist setting up plates and napkins for table setting

Grey and White Stripe Linen Napkin, Brass Wire Star & Cast Water Glasses from The Storekeeper and Co

Vintage cutlery and wine glasses  – Stylists own


I have then placed the vintage brass cutlery on either side of the dinner plates and the wine and water glasses to the right of the plates.

Note: In my example I have set the table for 4 people, however you can do the same setting for as many people as you would like.

Dress the table with a centrepiece

Once you have all the key elements laid out on the table, it’s time for the exciting part…creating the centrepiece!

Because I chose to go with a native Australian/vintage theme I have used flowers and materials that are native to the country and paired this with textured items that compliment the theme such as linen, timber, ceramics and metallics.


glass vase with native flowers on wooden board

Wooden Serving Platter from Kmart

Glass Vase from Freedom and Flowers from Newcastle Food and Flower Market


To dress the centrepiece, I begin by placing the wooden board on top of the table runner in the centre of the table.

I then build the scene by placing a vase of flowers on the wooden board. I have chosen a smaller vase, but a tall cylinder shape or smaller round vase would also work.

I created the bouquet using both dried and fresh flowers from the flower market that featured my colour palette of white, green and blue and added a burnt orange colour to compliment the other colours and work with the brass items on the table.

Note: I have used flowers from a florist that fit with in my theme, but you can use anything you’d like or even forage items from around your garden or natural surrounds. It doesn’t need to be complicated – remember, less is more!

Time for decorations

To complete my centrepiece, I have used vintage brass candle holders in various sizes. Items such as these can be found at op shops, charity stores or possibly even a grandparents house! 🙂

I have placed some gum nuts in front of the candles to tie in with my native theme and placed a bowl of cherries next to the wooden board as Christmas in Australia wouldn’t the same without a bowl of cherries!


wooden bowl of cherries on table

Wooden Bowl from The Storekeeper and Co

Finishing touches

Now it’s time for the finishing touches and probably the most important part…the Christmas decorations.

As I said previously, I have used some brass stars to decorate the plates and paired this with a little sprig of eucalyptus. As my final decorative addition to the table, I have used some decorative gold Christmas garland and simply placed this on either side of the centrepiece.


Brass wire Christmas garland on table

Brass Lead Garland from The Storekeeper and Co

And there you have it, a beautiful and simply styled Christmas table that anyone can create. Now all that’s left to do is feast, drink and be merry!



If you have enjoyed this post, spread the Christmas cheer and share it with others who would find it useful. To check out the full instructional video, head on over my Instagram profile – @michellecannyinteriors

Image and Brand Credits: The Storekeeper and Co, Target, Kmart and Newcastle Food and Flower Market.


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