From blogger to stylist - how I'm creating my ideal life - Michelle Canny
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From blogger to stylist – how I’m creating my ideal life

As you all know I love all things interior and it’s no lie that if I had twins I may have called them pattern and texture! But now my love for interiors has been taken to a whole new level. I’m launching my own interior styling and decorating business.

I decided it was time to put the words of my blog into action and create a business aimed at people with families just like you, helping you transform your house into a place you’re proud to call home.

I know what it’s like to become a parent and all of a sudden feel like your entire home has become one big playground, with no space ever feeling like it truly represents ‘you’ or ‘your’ space.

So many people have come to me asking for advice on how they can make their homes stylish but still practical for their kids. This is where was born.

Being a parent is hard enough, let alone trying to tackle the job of decorating a home. For so many people they know they want a beautiful home but have no idea what their style is or where to even start.

That’s why I’ve started my business launching next week. The aim for my clients is  to take the stress out of creating their ideal home one cushion at a time.

  • Together we will establish what you want to achieve
  • Define a style that suits your personality  – if you haven’t already, take my free quiz to help you discover your style.
  • Work with in a budget to create the look your after.

AND best of all……

Create a home that reflects you and your lifestyle.


Image by via Pinterest. Photograph by Haris Kenjar

Image by via Pinterest

I won’t lie, it’s been a tough journey at times. One filled with tears, tantrums (mainly from Gus), high five moments, sleepless nights and days of absolute joy and excitement – I guess not too different from motherhood.

I recently red a previous post I wrote last year about motherhood vs ambition and whether it was possible to create a job you love and raise a family.  I was amazed at my foresight because looking at it now, I would say to my former self, yes you can. It’s not easy, there may be times that you’re driven to drink copious amounts of wine; but with determination, self belief and balance (so you don’t completely loose your mind!) you can make your dreams come true.

I am so excited to be working on projects that I am passionate about and being able to help others achieve something they’ve always wanted. When I wrote my previous post about motherhood vs ambition I was so inspired by all the women who had created their own amazing businesses not only for themselves but their families. I decided that it was time to pull up my big girl pants, take the leap of faith and become one of these amazing sisters.

Apart from my love of interiors and decor, this business is about being a role model to my young son. I want him to grow up understanding that if you have courage and belief in yourself anything is possible, and to never underestimate women, especially mums!

I recently saw a quote by the great Albert Einstein that really resonated with me and the journey I’m on. It’s easy to remain in a a job I don’t love because of its security, but like the ship that’s not what I’m made to do. Although there is a lot of fear in the unknown, it’s time to get  out of my comfort zone, make myself and my family proud and I invite all of you along for the journey.

Image via Pinterest

Image credits:, and Pinterest.

Keep an eye out for the launch festivities and exclusive offers. To contact me visit the website or join my Facebook community- Home. Life. Style.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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