Top trends to transform your home for 2019 - Michelle Canny
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Top trends to transform your home for 2019

For many of us the start of a new year signals an opportunity to start afresh. A time to rid ourselves of old patterns and behaviours that no longer serve us and to create new goals for the year ahead.

Whilst many people’s goals are focused on the personal things they would like to achieve (loose 10 kilo’s, drink less etc), I’m here to remind you all, not to forget about the home.

Our homes are a reflection of who we are as people. They showcase what matters to us most and are representative of our personality, lifestyle and style, so they deserve a little love!

I am a firm believer that your home should be a place where you feel most comfortable and at peace, which is why ‘house goals’ are so important.

Like people, our homes evolve as we grow and our tastes change. So if one of your new year goals is to give your home a complete overhaul or your planning on redecorating that space you’ve been talking about for the past year, here are some interior trends for the year ahead to get you inspired.

Top Trends


Whether your a design buff or a Pinterest addict you would have seen Pantone’s colour of the year “ Living Coral” popping up everywhere. This year has seen a move towards colours that allow us to create spaces that evoke happiness and calm in the ever changing and busy environment we live in.

Expect to see inviting creamy shades and earthy tones such as hazelnut, beige, terracotta and burnt orange to name a few. Dark green shades such as Pantone’s “night watch” are another popular choice because of their nod towards greenery and the healing power that nature has over us.

Pantone’s colour of the year – ‘Living Coral’
Image via Pinterest

Pantone colour – ‘night watch’
Image via Pinterest

Interior Decor and Materials

This year has seen a shift towards sustainable and eco – friendly design, with many people opting for furniture that is made from recycled goods or hand made pieces that are environmentally friendly.

2019 has seen a return to the use of natural materials such as stone, concrete, gold, timber and coloured marble which will be heavily featured in bathroom and kitchen design.

Image by via Pinterest

Interior Styles 

With a big focus for 2019 centred around wellness and well being it’s no suprise that minimalism is in.  There is no better way to clear a space (and your mind) than to ‘de-clutter’.

By no means does this mean you need to get rid of everything in your home that you love, it’s about simplifying a space and asking yourself – what items are essential, what can be stored away and what can be eliminated so you create a sense of space and calm.

Image by via Pinterest

Using the Outdoors as Indoors 

Whilst not an entirely new concept, the increased need for outdoor space has seen outdoor furniture rise in popularity. Many people are opting to create outdoor living spaces and making their outdoors their second living area.

This means gone are the days of plastic tables and chairs and in are more sophisticated combinations of timber lounge suites, weaved rope chairs, metal tables and durable upholstery in a range of designs, colours and patterns.

Image by Globe West via Instagram

Whilst trends act as inspiration and a guide for what is possible, the most important outcome when decorating a space is making sure it reflects who you are and what you love.

If 2019 is the year you’d like to create a personalised space that resonates with you, get in touch and find out how I can help you create a home you love.

Image and brand credits: Pantone,,, Globe West, Pinterest and Instagram

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