Bohemian Luxe: Whats is it and how to Master the look - Michelle Canny
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Bohemian Luxe: Whats is it and how to Master the look


There are many interior styles that are hot right now but one that keeps popping up everywhere is the new iteration of bohemian called boho luxe….(aka Rich Hippie) 😊

Whilst it might sound like a wanky term and one that confuses many people, the look is essentially about the blend of two styles: eclectic and chic. 

Bohemian luxury (boho luxe) is all about mixing the old with the new and adding a sense of elegance with the pieces you choose to combine together. In this post I’ll teach you about the keys elements to this versatile interior style and show you how to bring this on trend look in your own home.

Bold Colours


Neutral tones are no where to be seen in this eccentric style. Instead it embraces rich colours such as emerald green, burgundy, sapphire blue and dark purple.

To integrate theses bold colours into your home, try using a statement colour as the hero and build your colour palette around this. For example consider painting an emerald green feature wall in a room that is predominantly white and pair this with some gold accessories. The pop of colour and metallic decorations will add an element of luxury to an otherwise plain space.

If you aren’t brave enough to feature a strong colour in your home you can experiment with patterned wall paper, or for a more subtle way to introduce these colours include why not include them in the upholstery, cushions or even artwork.

Image by Baba Souk via Pinterest

Mix and Match Materials


As with any bohemian look, combing fabrics is key and in this case the more luxurious the better. To create an inviting and glamorous space, think about using different textures and finishes such as wood, metallic, linen, leather, faux fur, or velvet.

However be mindful not to go too overboard with the textures, you don’t want your home looking like it belongs on the set of Game of Thrones, remember less is often more!

 Image by White Moss via Pinterest

Accent Pieces


The great thing about the bohemian style is there really isn’t any rules when it comes to mixing and matching pieces, however to avoid hobo rather than boho, consider the quality of the materials you are using.

Luxury styling is all about creating the feeling of elegance. To get the look think about including a high end item of furniture such as a marble side table or statement velvet sofa but if the budget doesn’t allow a splurge item, you can include smaller luxe decor items such as velvet cushions, patterned throws or a vintage silk rug to achieve the look.




Furniture and decor needn’t always be overly expensive. The boho luxe look is all about mixing expensive items with unique pieces that tell a story. Some of the best items for the style are pieces inspired by other cultures, antiques or trinkets collected on overseas travels.


Image by Amy Bartlam via

The key to this interior style is to have fun with it. If you love experimenting with textures, patterns and colour and have an eye for vintage finds and pairing diverse objects together then this look is right up your alley.

Happy styling!!!


Image and brand credits: Baba Souk, White Moss, and Pinterest


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