5 easy ways to get this seasons hottest trends in your home - Michelle Canny
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5 easy ways to get this seasons hottest trends in your home

It’s no secret that the weather in the southern hemisphere is getting colder by the day and winter is officially on its way. 

As the winter season approaches a lot of people tend to go into hibernation mode, not wanting to do a lot but stay in doors, binge on Netflix and drink copious amounts of tea….or wine (what ever floats your boat 😆

But instead of laying low this season, why not update your interiors with the latest trends to create the perfect abode and enjoy the cooler months in style.

1. Introduce some luxe velvet – Velvet is the new black this year and you will see it appearing everywhere, but whilst it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, using it in small doses such as cushions, quilt covers or on an accent chair can add an a instant touch of glam to any space.

Image by earlysettler.com.au via Pinterest

2. Terrazzo Tile – I know a few people might be thinking, ‘terra what?!’, terrazzo is a type of tile most commonly created by exposing marble, quartz or glass chips on the surface of finished concrete to create a speckled look.

Think stand out floors or a feature tile for a high end bathroom, this eco friendly product is super versatile meaning it can be used virtually anywhere and best of all it suites multiple styles from traditional to contemporary.

Image by insideout.com.au via Pinterest

3. Deep Colour – Whilst autumn is the classic season for rich red hues such as burgundy, plum and burnt orange, other colours that are making a big impact this year are deep emerald greens and varying shades of Pantone’s colour of the year, ultra violet.

To add some lushness to your living space or bedroom, think of pairing some dark greens or purples with pops of gold metal ware and layer it up with various textiles, such as linen, knitted fabrics or for some real rock n roll factor, silk or velvet.

Image via Pinterest

4. Oversized artwork – as the saying goes, ‘go big or go home’. Not just limited to this season, large artwork is bang on trend this year. Why not create a focal point to your home with a statement piece of art. Whether it be a large canvas piece or 2 framed prints side by side, oversized artwork is sure to bring some wow factor to any space.

Image by yellowtrace.com.au via Pinterest

5. Rave about rattan – Not just limited to boho interiors, rattan is the natural material that everyone is raving about. Available in chairs, tables and lighting to name a few, rattan furniture is on the rise and is great for creating a relaxing interior scheme or to create an exotic feel, pair textured baskets, wooden decor and various textures for an eclectic and modern look.

Image by modishstore.com via Pinterest

What’s your favourite decor trend for 2018? Comment below, I’d love to know what styles you’re loving and those you’d prefer didn’t exist! 😆

Image and Brand credits: Early Settler, insideout.com.au, yellowtrace.com.au, modishstore.com and Pinterest.

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